Cellular Automaton


This is what Maluku and I wrote during school breaks. A pretty nice implementation of the Game of Life, written in C++ using SDL.

Admittedly, credit for most of the features goes to Maluku, as he spent way more time programming this thing than I did.



To install, simply unzip the downloaded archive anywhere on your hard disk. Run life.exe.


You can use these commands to control the game:

Action Effect
Click left mouse button Change state of a single cell
Move mouse while left button is pressed Change multiple states (paint)
Press middle mouse button Paste
Move mouse while middle button is pressed Select and copy an area
Move mouse while right button is pressed Move the viewpoint (scroll)
Arrow keys Move the viewpoint (scroll)
Page up/Page down Zoom in/out
Return Center view, adjust zoom to show the whole field
Space Advance one time step
a Toggle automatic time advance
s Slow down automatic time advance
d Speed up automatic time advance
f or Numpad Enter Toggle fullscreen
h or Numpad + Higher resolution
g or Numpad - Lower resolution


The download is a zip archive containing the Windows binary, a German readme and some example files to load into the game (those are the .bmp files).

Download (~600 KB)