72 hour lemming game


"Auf sie mit Gebrüll" is a lemming-type puzzle game initially created by KDR_11k, Maluku and me for the 72-hour game development competition at


Screenshot; click to enlarge.

The game's objective is to help the mechanical cat girl android called Mecha Neko-chan reach the level exit. The problem: She isn't the most intelligent cat girl android ever constructed, and will walk only straight ahead. To allow her to reach the exit, you need to place bricks, jump markers and other objects in the level, or she will fall out of the bottom of the level, walk into enemies or one of the deadly "claws".


Currently available is version 1.1, which was created within the 72hour period. Unfortunately, it didn't reach a high ranking in any category, mostly due to collision bugs. We'll fix these bugs real soon now and release a new version afterwards, promise.

Download version 1.1

Known Bugs

To Do

A small and probably incomplete todo list:

For the next version

For the future