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2006-02-12 waaas

2005-02-13 Added the game "Auf sie mit Gebrüll" to the Projects page.

2004-11-17 Another new URL, though still the same provider: I also uploaded my entry for the latest round of Bundeswettbewerb Informatik (in German only) and added the blog and project pages.

First entry in the blog area: An article about programming languages in German. First project: The Game of Life.

2004-04-05 I moved to a new webspace provider. This one has ads that are much less annoying. New URLs: (w/ popup) and (no ads).

2004-03-28 Yay, new design. :) Still quite empty, need to put some stuff up...

Welcome to my website, I hope you'll have a nice stay.

This site is about some coding projects I've been working on and nothing much else. Feel free to look around.

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